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Become a specialist in Graphic Design, UX/UI and Digital Marketing. Learn from industry experts. A certificate from eSAC is an acknowledgment of educational achievement and capability to perform a job in the field of digital design and digital marketing. We offer 6 Month or 1 Year professional courses... Link Details


New York-primarily based Oscar, a brand new medical insurance company focused on utilizing know-how to communicate with customers, announced in February that it will be giving all of its patrons Misfit health trackers... Link Details


We work with leading agencies and production houses worldwide to create spectacular VFX, Animation and Pre-Viz... Link Details


Srushti VIZ offers visualisation services in the areas of architectural visualisation, medical & industrial visualisation etc. We’re part of Srushti Creative.. Link Details


SEO expert in Islamabad - We are a Leading SEO Company based in Islamabad, Pakistan with a Team of high Professional and Expert SEO Consultants and SEO.. Link Details


Aphelion Cycles Timeline These are the halcyon days of Aphelion: named so for the eternal orbit of the spirit, a journey in which we are always at the beginning. 1962 Aphelion Cycles began as a search for an ideal: the perfect bicycle, every element balanced and tailored specifically for the avid cyclist. Eduardo’s was a man with a dream. A visionary, a tinker, an inventor. Armed with creative inspiration, Eduardo made it his lifelong mission to build the perfect bicycle. It was an endeavour that fulfilled, enriched and ultimately consumed his life. Each part, each element of the original Aphelion prototype was made by hand; each spoke set into the wheel the perfect balance of symmetry and mechanical perfection. The goal was to achieve the perfect ride – a cycle so finely tuned that it could practically propel itself. With each prototype, the Aphelion came closer to its ultimate expression, and the time he spent in the shop working and reworking his design was nothing short of obsessive. It was a quest for perfection that swallowed every waking moment, eventually catching the fascination of Eduardo’s young son, Eduardo Jr. Even as a young boy, Eduardo Jr. threw himself into his father’s legacy with a careful persistence that belied his tender years. He became more than just an apprentice, helping his father to build the first commercially available Aphelion. The legacy was born. 1969 - 1978 During this time, father and son perfected their design. As Eduardo Jr. grew into manhood, he felt that his time as a builder and innovator had come to a turning point. He wanted to explore, to venture out on his Aphelion and see just how far it would take him. He rode the bike all over Europe, through hills and mountains, single lane roads and even the Autobahn. For years he cycled, always in search of roads less travelled. He met people along the way, and sought out the old masters of bicycle making lore, learning time-honoured traditions that helped him to further hone his craft. It was 1978 before he began to show signs of slowing down, the colour of the metal frame on his Aphelion so corroded that it had faded to a fine gold patina. Paint was very expensive, and cycling admittedly did not support him financially, so after doing some serious soul-searching, Eduardo Jr. decided to settle in London, England. He put down roots and opened a shop with the dream of building more bicycles for more people. 1982 - 1985 Eduardo Jr. discovers new innovations in design and materials, integrating other metals that were lighter and easier to work with. The result was a feather-light frame with greater manoeuvrability. 1987 The first dedicated Aphelion shop was born. Located in London, Eduardo Jr.’s bicycle shop is a great success. Even with the most modern machining techniques available, he still chooses to make each bicycle by hand, one at a time, closely following the methods he and his father had established so many years before. 1988 Eduardo Jr. wins the love of a beautiful Spanish woman, who bore him a son. They name him Eduardo III after his father and grandfather. 1997 Young Eduardo begins to learn the art of making Aphelion bicycles. Regaled with all the stories of his father’s fabulous travels in the world, and the legend of his inventive grandfather. His eyes were constantly filled with wonder as he worked side by side with his father, fulfilling their family legacy. 1998 - 2009 Eduardo Jr. and his son continue to build custom Aphelion bicycles, but only as one off custom orders. They turned down many offers to bring the bicycles to a mass-market, holding to the ideal of providing a bespoke experience for aficionados of their craft. Ultimately, they knew that each Aphelion bicycle had the power to spin its riders to the outer limits of their dreams, and that can never be mass-produced. 2010 - 2015 Continuing their pursuit of innovation, father and son are able to lighten the frame even further, producing high tech bicycles that combine tradition, design and technology into their signature bespoke style. 2016 We have re-created Eduardo’s vintage frame and have added new features that include high-tech wheels, brakes and hardware, bringing the original design into the modern age while still preserving the dream that first made the Aphelion so special. Our signature finish is a replica of the rusted gold patina that Eduardo Jr.’s traveling bicycle had faded to over time. When you ride an Aphelion bicycle, you are riding a legacy: it’s the eternal wheel that has no beginning and no end, made by hand with custom craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind design. .. Link Details


Orfeostory is the leading organization for top creative mobile app and website designing which delivers standard quality output for your Business or Organisation. .. Link Details


Halloween Costumes, Halloween Store, Halloween Images.. Link Details


MooMoo.io Sandbox is a new sandbox cheats for IO Games. Build and Survive with your friends. Have fun!.. Link Details


bestcustomwritingservice.org.. Link Details


Packers and Movers Pune is the right moving company that can provide you shifting at the best and the safest mode, and they can shift you with all your belongings without losing a single one. And that is the only speciality about us that none other company can provide this much of protection as we are providing here. This is not like we are praising our self; it is only the truth that has to be expected by the rest of Packers and Movers Company. We are performing very well in the field of shifting and there are many of the people who have said that we have done better things as we have came into this industry. http://punepackersmovers.in/.. Link Details


Infinite Wealth educates, designs and implements financial strategies from offices in Perth and Melbourne. Get 2 FREE tickets to our Wealth Creation seminar... Link Details


.. Link Details


Brochure design Chennai | Singylstroke has a Professionally Designers and all print design such as an innovative way to promote your services and products.. .. Link Details


Codeaxia Digital Solutions is a digital agency based out of Delhi/NCR. We provide valuable & economical digital solutions for the customers in areas such as website designing, development & maintenance, graphic designing, digital marketing and mobile applications development. We follow an approach that is truly collaborative. Our team values your opinion and experience. Just state your requirements and we provide services to bring you the best results... Link Details


Hind Blogger Writes about SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing. We also provide Blogger Themes, Widgets, Tutorial, Graphics designing Tips in Hindi. .. Link Details


Baile Figa Spa resort is located in the Transylvania area, near Beclean town in country Romania. Accommodation deals about cottages, guesthouses, holiday houses and private houses for rent. Natural mud treatment, saltwater lake, pools and beaches... Link Details


GROW COMBINE is a Digital Marketing Agency with innate creative flavor and acquired tech-savvy as our capital. We create simple and meaningful digital experiences to help them attract and engage your customers. We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE offering SEO, Search Engine and Social Media Marketing, Responsive Web Design, Mobile – Web Application Development and Branding services. Check it out http://www.growcombine.com for further details... Link Details


Annualreports.pk is sweeping database for the budgetary reports and affiliation profiles of Corporate level recorded and non-recorded relationship of Pakistan. We furnish our budgetary expert with a dominating course than manage excitement for a pushing toward way... Link Details


Under is an inventory of the highest 5 most essential graphic design abilities, as well as an extended list of other graphic design skills employers search in job candidates. Graphic designers should take heed to their clients' wants and convey persuasive options. The design of the system—the relationships between all of those elements—is the place the designer brings worth... Link Details


We (Design Print Solutions) are the best choice for Pharma Visual Aid Manufacturing services in India. Our effective and attractive Pharma Visual Aid is very effective for pharmaceutical sales representatives to retain Doctor’s attention in a productive content about the drug, which are very profitable in making your marketing layout. Moreover, Pharma Visual Aid an important aid that contains attractive as well as significant elements in it, i.e. photos, slogans, and brand names and logos... Link Details


Drop shipping is a special selling technique in which the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers their customers order and details to the drop-shipper, who then ships the goods directly to the buyer.Wecart provide three types of Dropshipping Packages Starter, Silver, Platinum and every packages you get converted and unconverted vendors More Details Visit Our Official home shipping Site. .. Link Details


Many have a misconception that in order to become a professional photographer, we need to first buy a costly camera. That’s not right. Yes, it’s just a costly, good camera for your business to grow. But first you can start with a normal camera. Before buying expensive cameras, there should be a good idea about the inside and outer parts of the camera. It is said that before taking photographs as a profession, your camera and camera parts should be identified as the palm of your hand... Link Details

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